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The Lucky Stars Solution

Lucky Stars Reviews' Smart CRM is the complete solution used by thousands of local businesses to get better reviews and grow revenue.

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Engage Customers

Automatically send texts and emails to drive more feedback, new customers, better reviews, referrals, and more repeat business.

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Capture Contacts

Build your customer list automatically whenever prospects and customers call, text, email, or buy your products and services.

Marketing Autopilot Lucky Stars-01.png
Marketing Autopilot

Get the benefits of better reviews and more revenue automatically without data entry or manual marketing.

Expert Resources Lucky Stars-01.png
Expert Resources

Equip your business with digital marketing expertise from Lucky Star Reviews’ Customer Success Managers to drive more reviews and increase revenue.


Win New Customers

A prospect finds your business online. He calls or emails you, but forgets to come in.


Lucky Stars Reviews' AI sees the prospect hasn't purchased from you and sends an SMS with a new customer offer.


The prospect converts and becomes your customer.

Get Valuable Feedback


Lucky Stars Reviews' AI sees your customer's purchase and sends a feedback request.


Your customer shares feedback on his experience.

Generate Better Reviews


The next time he visits, Lucky Stars Reviews sends a review request.


Your customer posts a positive review on Google. Lucky Stars Reviews' AI sees this and flags him as a promoter.

Get Referrals


Lucky Stars Reviews sends a referral request to the customer, suggesting he recommend your business.


Your customer refers two of his friends to your business.

Increase Repeat Business


Lucky Stars Reviews' AI sees your customer hasn't purchased from you in a while and sends a repeat business offer.

Your customer converts and purchases your service a second time.


Get more reviews.

Get new customers.


Better Ratings

Average online ratings improvement for local businesses using Lucky Stars Reviews.



Average revenue growth for local businesses using Lucky Stars Reviews.

Get more reviews. Get new customers.

For businesses who want new reviews and more revenue, use email, phone and text to communicate with customers, and need marketing strategy support.

Pro Assets

  • CRM and Email Contact Capture

  • Reviews

  • Feedback

  • Testimonials

  • Unlimited Support

  • Text and Phone Contact Capture

  • New Customer Offers

  • Repeat Business Offers

  • Referral Offers

  • Presence Management

  • 1-on-1 Onboarding and Strategy Session

  • Campaign Creation Assistance

  • Quarterly Performance Reviews


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